Country music has its roots in the blues and other genres of music. You will get a flavour of American folk music in it. String instruments like guitar, banjos, and others are used with this form of music.

It was first discovered in countries of South America and then spread throughout the world. In Canada also, country music is very popular even today. Country music is melodious and has wonderful and touchy lyrics. It talks about love, life, people, and more.

For many years’ country music has managed to keep up its charm and it is popular among people of today’s generation as well. There were many popular country music singers in the past and the same can be said today.

This blog is about country music and is especially for those who love listening to country music. Here you will find articles on how country music became popular, why people still love it, the top country music singers, albums, songs, and more.

You will get a deeper understanding of how country music is different from other genres of music. There will be interviews with country music singers and you will know more about this form of music.

This blog can be useful for aspiring country music artists as well. You will be able to learn a lot about country music, know about the latest news in this industry and the latest songs. Interviews with established country music artists can be an inspiration.

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